Coriander Seeds

Coriander-SeedsCoriander is cultivated in particularly all the states. We provide our Buyer highest quality coriander seeds (Dhania) that are widely used in garam masala (hot spices) for seasoning the dishes and enhancing their flavor. Our coriander seeds are cultivated in the finest farms and are grown through organic methods. We provide coriander seeds at the market’s leading price. Coriander is used for general digestive aid. Coriander seeds are used as Dhana Dal which is very famous in India usually consumed after meals and it is also eaten as snack.

Coriander Seeds Specification

Parameter Result
Quality Machine cleaned / Sortex / Extra Bold
Purity 98 %
Moisture 8 % Max.
Extraneous matter 2 % Max.
Split Seeds 5 % Max.
Damaged seeds other than insect damage 2 % Max.
Live infestation Nil
Admixture 2 % Max
Size 3 – 5 mm
Oil Content 0.8 – 1.7 %

Origin: India

Color: Tan-colored

Labeling: As per buyer’s requirement

Packaging: 15 kg, 25 kg, 50kg, Paper, Poly, Jute Bags or as per buyer’s requirement